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What's Your Film Journey Look Like?

Every movie lover has an origin story, the place where the love of movies took hold and never turned you loose. I hope you'll share some of your stores with me.

I thought the holiday season might be a good time to share part of my movie journey, which is ongoing. My video series Growing Up with Movies began earlier this year. Maybe you'll find that your journey took a similar - or wildly different - path. Again, I'd love to hear your stories.

Thanks for reading and for watching.



Episode 1: My Rude Awakening to Classic Movies

Episode 2: Hard Lessons with Bonnie and Clyde

Episode 3: When Once is Not Enough

Episode 4: How I Met Buford Pusser, Part I

Episode 5: How I Met Buford Pusser, Part II

Episode 6: Revisiting Peggy Sue Got Married and Not Being Prepared for It

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