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Noirvember 2018 Starts Tomorrow!

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Noirvember begins tomorrow, but today I’m providing a little sneak preview for what I have planned for my film noir-crazed month.


It’s often a challenge (at least for me) to see 30 movies in 30 days, but it’s going to be more difficult this year since FilmStruck will be ending on November 29. But I’ll do my best.

I’ve chosen almost all of my 30 films, leaving a little wiggle room for some last-minute additions and adjustments (and a surprise, which you may have a hand in - details below).

As indicated in an earlier post, I plan on watching and discussing at least 10 British noirs plus at least 10 new-to-me films and at least 6 rewatches. Most of these films will be from the years 1941-1958. I can’t give you titles, but I will tell you that I’ll be watching films starring the following:

John Garfield

Edward G. Robinson

Robert Mitchum

Ray Milland

Dana Andrews

Ida Lupino

Elisha Cook Jr. (at least twice)

Charles McGraw (at least twice)

William Bendix

Raymond Burr (at least twice)

Richard Conte (at least twice)

Jack Palance

John Hodiak (at least twice)

Howard Da Silva (at least twice)

Jay C. Flippen

Some of the directors involved will be Anthony Mann, Robert Wise, Phil Karlson, Joseph H. Lewis, Joseph Losey, and Raoul Walsh, to name just a few.

I’m also very excited to announce that I’ll have two guest contributors for Noirvember posts, each collaborating with me on a film. (Stay tuned for their identities!)

There’s one more thing: I want you to pick a movie for me to watch for Noirvember. Below is a list of film noir titles I have not seen. (There are more; I’m just picking out a few.) Tell me which movie I should see and how I can see it (DVD, streaming, You Tube, etc.). Whichever movie gets the most votes, I’ll watch it and review it (depending on availability).

And if the movie you picked wins the most votes, I'll put your name in a hat and draw a winner, who will received a gently used copy of Foster Hirsch's book Film Noir: The Dark Side of the Screen. You can vote in the comments below or message me on Twitter (awolverton77).

Update 11/8/18: I've eliminated the films that are unavailable, so the ones that are left should be on DVD or streaming. I'll be updating the list with voting results, so please check back often. In order for me to be able to watch and write about the winning film, votes must be received by November 14, 9pm EST. Thanks!

Update 11/15/18:

The top vote-getter was The Lady Gambles (1949)! I'll be watching that film noir title in the next few days and will include it in my Noirvember posts. The winner of the Foster Hirsch book is Jenifer S. - Congratulations, Jenifer, and thanks to all who voted!

Abandoned (1949)

The Big Caper (1957) 1 vote

Blueprint for Murder (1953) 1 vote

Cloudburst (1951)

Edge of the City (1957) 3 votes

Inner Sanctum (1948) 2 votes

The Lady Gambles (1949) 5 votes - WINNER!

Murder is My Beat (1955) 1 vote

The Pretender (1947)

The Sellout (1951)

The Unfaithful (1947) 1 vote

Hope everyone has a great Noirvember! I’ll be back tomorrow with my first entry.

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