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Noirvember 2018, Episode 21: A Lady Without a Passport (1950)

A Lady Without a Passport (1950)

Directed by Joseph H. Lewis

Produced by Samuel Marx

Screenplay by Howard Dimsdale

Adapted by Cyril Hume

Story by Lawrence Taylor

Cinematography by Paul Vogel


(1:14) New to me - borrowed from a friend

Hedy Lamarr stars as Marianne Lorress, an Austrian concentration-camp refugee living in Cuba, waiting for an opportunity to be smuggled into the United States with the help of an illegal operation run by a man named Palinov (George Macready).


With an increase of Cuban immigrants trying to sneak into America, U.S. Immigration agent Pete Karczag (John Hodiak) is sent to Cuba, posing as a Hungarian requesting aid from Palinov. While he’s undercover, Pete falls in love with Marianne, and you can guess the rest. Or can you?

A Lady Without a Passport is clearly a Casablanca rip-off, but Lewis does a good job of making a lot out of a mostly routine script, especially with some interesting visuals, including an airplane’s crash-landing. Although Macready is always good (at being bad), Hodiak is the standout here, as is the musical score.

Next: a hit-and-run accident is just the beginning of this couple’s problems…

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