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How Did We Go from Casablanca to Superheroes and Sequels?

If you live in the Baltimore/Washington DC area, I hope you'll join me for a fun, informative look at the choices we have when we go to the movies. The program's full title is "Today's Movies: How Did We Go from Casablanca to Superheroes and Sequels?"I'll be presenting the program at the Severna Park Library in Severna Park, Maryland on Wednesday, September 26 at 7pm. (More details here.)

So what's the program about? Well, first of all, we won't be showing movies, just talking about them, so if you're expecting a Marvel Universe marathon, sorry; it won't happen on the 26th. I'll talk about how Hollywood has operated (for good and bad) for decades, showing that what we're now seeing at the movies in some ways really isn't new, but in other ways is quite unique. Some of these changes we've seen have turned the movie industry upside down. We'll talk about that and how we, as movie-lovers, can respond. Understand that I'm not a film scholar or an economist, or even an agitator, but just a guy who loves movies and loves to engage in discussions about movies. Again, my goal is to present a program that's fun, informative, and (hopefully) thought-provoking. I hope you'll join me.

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