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Catching Up

I told you I'd be back...

Although things are getting busy on my Substack newsletter, I still plan to update folks here occasionally. If you haven't checked out my Substack for some time, I'm currently reviewing movies, talking about film noir, books, music, and more. But that's not all...


I'm also getting a lot of great questions from my Substack subscribers. I recently answered one such question with a video on my YouTube channel, also called Journeys in Darkness and Light. I plan on answering more questions soon, so stay tuned.

Speaking of videos, I was very pleased to be a guest on a recent episode of Robert Bellissimo at the Movies where we discussed my favorite movie, The Maltese Falcon (1941). I had a great time on the show, and I hope you'll have a great time watching it!

I also made a brief appearance on The Movie Palace Podcast, contributing a recommendation.

If you're in the Annapolis, Maryland area this July, I'll be introducing, screening, and leading discussions of two movies at the Busch Annapolis Library. My good friend Ann Glenn will be presenting The Player on July 8 and Hail, Caesar! on July 15. I'll be on hand to present The Bad and the Beautiful on July 22 and Sunset Boulevard on July 29.

There's more news to come, but I'll share that with you next time. Everybody take care, stay safe, and stay tuned!

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