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Announcing My New Book: Men Don't Read (with MORE Updates!)

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

I'm delighted to announce the publication of my first book, Men Don't Read: The Unlikely Story of the Guys Book Club. No, it's not about movies, but if you're interested in reading, libraries, or book clubs, I think you will enjoy it. MORE UPDATES BELOW


Men Don't Read is available right now! You can buy the book at various locations, but the best way to support me is to purchase directly from the publisher.

The book is currently available in several public library systems and will soon be coming to others. If your library system does not yet have Men Don't Read, please contact the Materials Management or Acquisitions department of your local library and request the book. It should be available soon from Baker and Taylor as well as Ingram.

Right now you can find the book in these library systems:




Austin Public Library (eBook only so far)


I recently appeared as a guest on the podcast Guys of a Certain Age. If you have a podcast devoted to books or reading and would like to have me as a guest, please contact me. I am also available to speak at libraries and other events.

Lastly, if you read and enjoyed the book, it would be very helpful if you left a review on Amazon, BookBaby, Goodreads, or all of the above.

Thank you all!

Here's a short video describing the book:

Men Don't Read has already received several wonderful reviews. Here are a few comments:

"If you love reading, Andy Wolverton's book is for you. Not only does he give great advice for starting and running your own book club, but he also offers quick reviews of some of the world's best books. The list of titles his book club for guys read through will make any enthusiastic reader’s mouth water."

" absolute gem of a book. It's a comforting work: part personal history, part guidebook not only for starting a book club, but also for engaging the world (and people) around you. I'd recommend it even if you don't think of yourself as much of a reader—or a joiner."

"If you have ever considered starting a book club, then this book is for you."

"This book will help librarians or patrons create meaningful experiences at their local library. The author describes how he observed a need in his community and then built a successful recurring library program around that need. As a library assistant, I deeply relate to stories he shares about the challenges of engaging library patrons. What's more, he reveals strategies he used to effectively build community around his idea and keep meetings fresh, interesting, and on-topic. I am going to use what I learned from this book to help me create better programming for my public library!"

If you read the book and enjoy it, please consider leaving me a review on BookBaby, Amazon, or Goodreads.

Thank you!

(By the way, I'm working on my next book, which will be about movies.)

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