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An Easy Resolution

I wasn't going to write this, but my wife insisted. I don't think it's that big a deal, but she does, and she's usually right about most things.

About 18 months ago my doctor told me to exercise more, 30 minutes a day. I resisted for as long as I could, but I was putting on the pounds, feeling lethargic, and yes, getting older and looking it. So I started walking.


I'm not talking about a leisurely walk, but rather moving at a brisk pace. Some days I'd get a solid 30 minutes in, even if I had to take a 15-minute lunch at work, then go for a walk during the time I had left. Some days (mostly due to the weather) I didn't walk at all.

I had two surgeries last year, so there were several days I didn't walk outside one step. When I did, I had to slowly build my time back up.

My goal was really pretty modest: to walk 500 miles in 2023. I achieved that goal and lost 25 pounds in the process. More importantly, I felt (and still feel) great.

500 miles isn't a lot. Sure, it's like walking from Annapolis, Maryland to Nashville, a pretty good distance, but it only averages out to about 1.5 miles a day.

Much of my life is spent in sedentary activities: reading, writing, watching movies. I suspect many of you do the same. I'm challenging you (and myself) to get on your feet and move more in 2024. Start small. 10 minutes a day. Go around the block every day for a week. Then go further. Listen to an audiobook while you walk. Or just reflect. Meditate. Pray. Chill. People don't spend enough time doing those things.

I appreciate everyone reading my blog and watching my videos. I want you all around for a long time. For most of us, walking is an easy thing. It's simple. Make a habit of it. And enjoy it.

You don't even have to set a goal. (My goal for 2024 is 1,000 miles. Wish me luck.)

Just walk. Walk with someone. Live better. Enjoy each moment.

Wishing you all the best for 2024.

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